• Website-Significance in Business world

       by PixelWeb Tuesday, May, 30, 2017


    ebsite means a set of related web pages on World Wide Web containing information about a particular subject. There are at present 1 billion websites world over. Out of which India has 0.06% websites.

    In India many Businesses do not have website, limiting their presence on internet where large number of people are looking for solution. In a survey done in 2016 it was found that half of small businesses don’t have a website.

    By not having website, the business is limiting the reach and cost effective means of reaching a large audience. Most of the website cost just 20k to 50 k with all design cost with a dynamic setup. The static website cost less and can be built up at cost of 5k to 15k depending upon the number of pages required.

    The benefits are many. The main benefit is reaching those customers who are searching for products or services you manufacture. When you have a website the number of impressions i.e. no of customers loading a page on website increases. This leads to converting the customers into clients who are regular purchasers of your products or services.

    The net effect is more profitability and sales. But for website building it is necessary to design the website and content in an effective manner, so that users can interact with website easily.

    The professional designers built the website in such a manner that the content and images are built around the brand. The outlay of website is built in clear and concise manner so as to enable the user interaction is simple.

    Without an effective web design solution, the website built will be just like a book which is not read due to inefficient display.

    So to design the website which is searchable by people intended, the website should be SEO Friendly. Otherwise nobody will search and interact with website.

    Apart from this benefit of customer increase, there are lot of benefits which are:

    (1) Credibility:

    Website is built to provide a source of information to users for whom the website is built. Without this providing information on offline media like radio, television etc is very costly. On other hand website having authentic information about business acts as source of credibility since the information is trusted and readable by all people. Credibility is demonstrated by providing more knowledge to customers through website. This is done by incorporating a blog page on website. Credibility is built over time by delivering the same things accurately.

    (2) Trust:

    By providing accurate information about product and services website help in building trust with customers. This information provided should be accurate and should be updated with time. Without correctness of information no business can survive in long run. Trust is relationship oriented.

    (3) Support:

    Website built with a support system helps users to interact with website easily. This helps the users in getting answers easily and finding solutions. Websites answering the queries of customers on time increase their business success faster.

    (4) Getting wider reach:

    With a SEO Friendly website, the reach of business increases. More and more customers are reached in a cost effective manner. This reach helps in getting new as well as repeat customers.

    So if you want to built a professionally designed and SEO friendly website, just write your requirement on contact us page and we will provide the quote. Hope your Business grows with us.

    All the best!!!