• Web Design - A first step to create the digital footprint

       by PixelWeb Saturday, June, 10, 2017


    hat comes to your mind when you listen the word web design? Something like creating visuals for a website? Or maybe building blueprint for a website? Something like a map for website. Well Web design involves building architecture for website involving creating content, images and navigation for the end user of website.

    The visual, content and programming part are important ingredients of web design to give a functional aspect to website. All these are parts of web design team. In all these elements of web design, creativity is very much important. In addition the end user should not be ignored.

    If we analyze all the three parts i.e. visual, content and programming following things should be kept in mind while doing activities in these parts:

    (1) Navigation should be simple:

    While designing the website including the content, images and programming it should be kept in mind that navigation should be easy. Complicated website design adds the visitors hard to understand and they are not able to complete tasks on time. Sometimes uses feel irritated by complex navigation resulting in less traffic and business.

    (2) Loading speed:

    These days many users surf websites on mobiles and tablets as compared to desktops. Thus it is imperative for both the content, images to be programmed in such a manner that they occupy less space. By doing so the heaviness of website is reduced making the website load faster. The content also needs to be presented in crisp manner to end users.

    (3) SEO compliant:

    While designing the website many web developers ignore search engines. If the website is not found on search engines when the users are searching, then utility decreases. So follow the guidelines for SEO rich site and grow business.

    (4) Logo, Tagline and other marketing communication:

    Many companies forget to include logo, tagline and other useful information which is present offline. But customers trust those companies which deliver the same information across all the channels of communication.

    So when you design a website keep in mind to deliver the same message across on website also. More and more users seek information online before making a purchase decision. Web design has important impact on your brand identity, so how you put each element of brand on website is important.

    (5) Testimonials:

    Many websites fail to incorporate testimonials or give false testimonials on websites. But giving the right testimonials only gives credibility in market. So be true on websites, since every information can be found online.

    (6) Colours:

    The use of background colour is very important in making the site look good to visitors. Colour should be used according to the organization and products it offers. This gives a unique identity to website. In fact the colours should be same as offline colours giving Brand the same identity.

    (7) Images:

    The images represent a lot; they should neither be small nor big. Optimized to give a appealing look to visitors on web site.

    (8) Newsletters and Blogs:

    Every website should contain news section / blog section to make the users updated and increase the engagement on website. This should be combined with social media for sharing.

    (9) Social media networks:

    Each site should be combined with social media so as to increase response to customers. Talking feedback from customers is very important these days where ever they are.

    (10) Online support:

    Most companies loose customers because of lack of online support. Especially in case of E-Commerce websites and services organizations where online purchase is offered. If you have 24*7 online support, then you can help the customer get the information required for purchase.

    So if you are going to build a website, consider these essential elements. Since website also is part of your Business Brand identity don’t let it loose your business.

    Make a impressive website with all essential parts and increase your growth. For any assistance regarding making the first Impressive Digital footprint, contact PixelWeb Infotech.

    All the best!!!